Dospel Sp. o.o.

Dospel Sp. o.o.

Glowna 188, 42-280 Czestochowa, Poland

AboutDospel Sp. o.o.

Industrial ventilators are a requisite equipment of every production plant minding the health of workers. Our ventilators assure the highest comfort of working, what joins directly with the enlargement of the job performance. High values and the wide range of technical parameters and the modern and aesthetical appearance cause these ventilators find use both in objects about the useful character , as and to industrial.

Accessible in the Dospel industrial ventilators offer find use in the ventilation of buildings of the public utility, commercial locals , industrial halls , stores and also economic buildings. Ventilators can become equipped into the speed regulator RN 300 or RP 300, whereby easily can adapt the work of the ventilator to needs of the user.

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