Donadon SDD Srl

Donadon SDD Srl

Via Franceschelli,720011 Corbetta – Milano Italy

AboutDonadon SDD Srl

A manufacturing company for safety devices, such as rupture discs, can choose many different approaches to the market and to its own specific field. At DonadonSDD we havechosen quite a particular one, but one that has won us the trust of many customers in more than one hundred Countries all over the world: that of always doing custom work.

DonadonSDD keeps no stock, and never asks a customer to adapt to its standard product offer. On the contrary, we are constantly adapting, redesigning, and developing new products so that we can exclusively offer products tailored to our customer's specific needs. And in the same way, production and delivery times don't follow a “standard” and “urgent” logic, but are always agreed upon so that the product may always arrive when it is actually needed.

All of this while keeping a price profile that's absolutely remarkable in our market, and integrating production with all the most advanced technologies to always offer models suited to any market challenge – as shown by our range of basic products and the certifications they boast.