DIS Sensors BV

DIS Sensors BV

3763 LZ Soest, P.O. box 3334, 3760 DH Soest, The Netherlands

AboutDIS Sensors BV

Traversing a time and distance of over three decades, DIS Sensors has carved a niche for itself through an impeccable reputation in the domain of quality sensor technology.

The organization boasts of a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory fully endowed to craft, conceive as well as create sensors of supreme quality alongside an extensive Research and Development team.

The Production department facilitates the final product which is then systematically exported across twenty countries dispersed on the globe through a meticulously contrived network of distributors.

DIS Sensors’ core values postulate a great deal of faith in innovation as well as know-how. This in turn translates into the generation of efficient products and solutions of unsurpassed quality, serving the global market in its entirety.

With a portfolio outlining a wide array of products and service, DIS Sensors produces versatile sensors which perform a multitude of functions like measuring inclination, vibration and acceleration alongside rotary encoders and inductive proximity sensors.

DIS Sensors also branch into the domain of home automation by facilitating systems for adjustable furniture. In addition to this, they are also employed by the medical sector for practitioner devices. Although available as customary standard products, the aforementioned systems can be customised in accordance with unique requirements and needs.

Thus DIS Sensors are extremely adaptable in nature with application lying within the realms of medical appliances, material handling, mobile machines, cranes, wind turbines etc.

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