Destila, sro

Destila, sro

Kastanova 435/127 620 00 Brno Czech Republic

AboutDestila, sro

The beginnings of DESTILA can be considered as being the Indra coppersmith and metal casting company, which was registered by its founder in 1875. This company underwent a complicated development, and in World War II it was divided into two entities, which were nationalized at the end of 1945.

The communist era and the DESTILA cooperative.

Employees were afraid of the fate of the nationalized company. On their initiative, the DESTILA cooperative was established in 1946, and was registered on March 24, 1947.

The cooperative had 23 founding members. Its main program was the production of equipment for the food industry, distilleries and sugar factories.

Expanding the cooperative.

After 1948, other smaller companies with a similar production program joined DESTILA by administrative intervention. This changed the structure and size of the cooperative. In the early 1950s, there were 10 establishments in Brno and its surroundings. Not only the production range, but also the number of members (68) and employees (156) of the cooperative expanded.

The cooperative was registered in the Commercial Register in 1951. At that time, due to changes in legislation, everyone working for the cooperative was a member of it and DESTILA had suddenly 158 members.

At that time, the construction of several new establishments also began. In addition, DESTILA was incorporated into the nationwide structure of production cooperatives and immediately adopted an important position.

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