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Thermal Business Group

Despatch Industries has specialized in thermal processing for over 100 years and is actively using this technical expertise to provide innovative solutions to critical applications in a broad range of markets and cutting edge technology worldwide. Despatch manufactures an extensive line of standard industrial ovens. It is common practice to customize these ovens to include customer-specific features. Thermal Business Group


Established in 1902, Despatch is a global leader in high performance industrial ovens and other thermal products. A focused commitment to the electronics, healthcare, materials, transportation and industrial markets has enabled Despatch to become experts in these industries. Despatch also serves as a key provider of integrated technology for the emerging solar and carbon fiber markets.

When Failure is Not an Option

Manufacturers trust Despatch ovens to deliver the uniform and repeatable thermal processing required for critical components to operate flawlessly and ensure reliable product performance. Despatch never cuts corners, ovens are manufactured to the highest standards and deliver invariable, uniform temperature for as long as the oven is in service. Using proven ITW manufacturing practices, Despatch is able to move products to market much faster, providing the shortest lead times in our industry.

Global Presence, with Local Expertise

Despatch has a world-wide network of representatives with a great combination of technical and industry knowledge to help you choose the thermal processing solution that best fits your requirements. Our network of Certified Service Representatives is spread out across the globe to provide technical support and service to Despatch customers worldwide.

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