Cy.Pag. S.p.A.

Cy.Pag. S.p.A.

Via del Commercio, 13, 23017 Morbegno (SO)

AboutCy.Pag. S.p.A.

From Valtellinato the rest of the world

Cy.Pag. is a leading international manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders for industrial automation.

The company was established in 1995 in Morbegno in Valtellina, now stretches over an area of 4000 m2.

Over the years considerable expertise has been acquired in the design and development of ISO-standard cylinders to suit numerous industrial applications, including the automotive, textile, food and farming industries.

In addition to the production of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric cylinders, customised cylinders are a key differentiator at Cy.Pag., and are designed and constructed in accordance with specific customer requirements, offering extremely high levels of precision and unbeatable value for money.

Thanks to the skill and passion of Cy.Pag. professionals, in just over twenty years the company has made its products synonymous with excellence and reliability in the industrial automation sector and exports them to more than 40 countries throughout the world.


Following 35 years of experience in the industrial automation sector, Adriano Pagni reinvented himself as an entrepreneur during a difficult period in his career and set up Cy.Pag. to produce cylinders.

  • 951,000 items including cylinders and accessories produced and sold in 2017
  • over € 11.6 millionin turnover in 2017
  • 35% of turnover produced through customised cylinders
  • 70 highly specialist employees


Specialisation and a focus on qualitymake our cylinders unique

Approximately 65% of production at Cy.Pag. comprises standard cylinders used in numerous industrial machines to enable their operation. Yet these components, produced every day in thousands of units, are the result of a detailed, enduring development process that makes them unique in the sector. In practice, striving for quality is an ongoing company process that supports, and anticipates where possible, new market requirements, and involves all resources to give products added value in terms of innovation, efficiency and reliability.The drive for continuous improvement is accompanied by the company’s high level of specialisation. Since the beginning Cy.Pag. has specialised exclusively in the manufacture of cylinders, and developed high-level expertise and industry knowledge to enable the company to design and manufacture ad hoc technological solutions with maximum flexibility for customers.This is accompanied by a considerable focus on environmental impact and safe company operations.

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