Crystal Mark, Inc.

Crystal Mark, Inc.

613 Justin Ave. Glendale, CA 91201

AboutCrystal Mark, Inc.

Since 1967, Crystal Mark, Inc. has pioneered the use of Micro Abrasive Technology for a myriad of applications. The company has a track record for developing processes in electronics, aerospace, precision machining, medical manufacturing, semiconductor technology, glass engraving, fossil preparation, and more.

More often than not, an application is developed and refined in the Crystal Mark Abrasive Laboratory. The Crystal Mark team works closely with the customer to determine the methodology and cost of the process. Once established, the customer has a choice to either continue with the contract outsource service in Crystal Mark’s job shop or purchase equipment to do the work in-house.


Crystal Mark manufactures the SWAM BLASTER® line of micro-abrasive processing equipment. With vertical manufacturing capabilities to develop a range of custom fixtures and production support, Crystal Mark is able to cover the widest range of applications in the industry starting from standalone machines to fully automated systems.

Customers have the flexibility to select and combine a choice of SWAM BLASTERs with ergonomic work chambers, fixtures, dust collectors, and accessories.

The company has developed integrated workstations and work cells as well that provide turn-key answers for applications such as conformal coating removal, controlled erosion, surface preparation, deburring, medical device cleaning, etc.

For large scale industrial applications, Crystal Mark specializes in fully automated abrasive blasting systems tailored to the specific work environment of their customers.

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