Cobalt Systems Limited

Cobalt Systems Limited

Cobalt House, Arden Square, CreweBusiness Park,Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6HA

AboutCobalt Systems Limited

At Cobalt Systems, we’ve spent over 20 years driving the standards in print and apply labelling solutions and barcoding automation.

Through innovation, best practise and first-class customer service, Cobalt delivers end-to-end barcoding solutions that not only meet international standards, but work in a modular and scalable way, giving our customers true flexibility and the best of breed.

As a British manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our after-sales support, including a 3 year warranty as standard, fixed-price servicing and low cost of ownership to give peace of mind to our customers.

The Cobalt Way

At Cobalt, we’re committed to providing highly accurate barcode labelling automation on our customers’ production lines.

Our goal requires the right combination of the experienced and knowledgeable staff and excellent equipment. From our own UK built Nexus Print and labelling applicators to the wide range of Zebra barcoding solutions.

What really sets Cobalt apart is how we approach your individual barcoding process. Off-the-shelf solutions are often not appropriate and that’s when our team really shine. Having designed and delivered hundreds of solutions means we can create exactly what will work for your business and can work around your criteria and requirements

Our team is highly experienced in not just delivering barcoding automation, but innovating day in, day out to solve our customers problems. That means a better solution with faster ROI. It’s how we delight our customers and why we’ve got a Net Promoter Score of 84.

Cobalt Green

At Cobalt we’re acutely aware of the negative impact manufacturing can have in terms of achieving long lasting sustainability goals.

That’s why we’ve created Cobalt Green. It’s our commitment to doing what we can to drive sustainability improvements in our industry.

We’re already a recognised carbon neutral organisation having partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to carry out a comprehensive audit and analysis of our emissions in line with ISO 14064 and the GHG Emissions Protocol Standards.

But we’re doing more. The next iterations of our Nexus Print and Apply solutions range is being designed with sustainability built in.

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