Cloos Robotic Welding, Inc.

Cloos Robotic Welding, Inc.

Carl-Cloos-Strasse 1 35708 Haiger

AboutCloos Robotic Welding, Inc.

Our goal is to assist our customers in reaching their manufacturing objectives by developing personalized, turnkey automated welding solutions.

Since 1985, CLOOS Robotic Welding, Inc. has been providing customized automated turnkey welding solutions throughout North America. Our components are designed, developed and fabricated exclusively by CLOOS to ensure optimum compatibility.

Our highly efficient QINEO Welding Machines and versatile QIROX Robots, Peripherals, Accessories and Technology can be found in complex production lines and cost-effective compact welding cells used in a multitude of core markets.

With a large range of proven and innovative welding processes, including the tandem wire welding process CLOOS pioneered in the 90’s, we offer automated welding solutions with maximum efficiency and productivity.

Products and processes are tested in our technology center in Haiger, Germany under practical conditions. All necessary processes meet DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards.

Our training and customer support reach beyond initial startup of new equipment. With CLOOS, you are ensured that you will receive the best result for all your manufacturing welding needs.

CLOOS Robotic Welding, Inc. is a subsidiary of Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH located in Haiger, Germany which was founded in 1919 and where today has more than 700 employees developing and manufacturing the CLOOS product range.

For everything that can be welded, CLOOS offers a solution.

With our QINEO power sources and QIROX welding robot systems, we offer high technology and process competence from a single source.

For every industry. For every material. For every requirement.

One Solution Out of One Hand – Complete Project Responsibility

All components for your arc welding project are designed and manufactured by one company. CLOOS.

CLOOS not only builds the highest quality and long-lasting equipment; but also engineers, researches and develops it, provides know-how transfer, training and service to our customers, making CLOOS the ideal partner for all your arc welding needs.

Time & innovation is on your side.

CLOOS has been providing arc welding solutions since 1919.