Calnetix Technologies, LLC

Calnetix Technologies, LLC

16323 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, CA 90703 USA

AboutCalnetix Technologies, LLC

Since its founding in 1998, Calnetix Technologies, LLC. has developed and introduced numerous disruptive innovations for variety of applications and industries. Most of the innovations have been for large OEMs where Calnetix Technologies continues to manufacture and provide components, and several of those innovations have become the foundation of entirely new companies. Calnetix’s innovations have repeatedly provided path-bending advances in technology to customers in a wide variety of industries, enabling companies all over the world to drive market growth.

With its significant annual investment in R&D, Calnetix designs, develops and manufactures high-speed permanent magnet motor generators, magnetic bearings systems and power electronics. Combining these three core competencies, Calnetix provides comprehensive integration services to assist customers in the design and development of tomorrow’s most advanced energy efficient systems.

Calnetix Technologies currently designs, develops and manufactures products for the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, food, HVAC, industrial equipment, medical, marine, power generation, semiconductor, water and waste water industries. Its technology is being used in applications such as gas turbines, precision lasers, turbo expanders, electrically-assisted turbochargers, blood pumps and air and gas compressors. Calnetix’s customers are often large global organizations seeking innovative and highly efficient product enhancements or new products altogether.

Calnetix Technologies is a technology driven end-product oriented company that is proud of its track record for innovation. With numerous patents on magnetic bearings, motors, generators, power electronics and system integration technologies, Calnetix’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio will drive innovations in multiple industries for generations to come. Calnetix continues to develop cutting-edge solutions and takes protection of the developed technology very seriously. To facilitate this protection, Calnetix has established an internal Intellectual Property Committee to oversee all IP-related activities, including patent considerations, publications, trade secrets and licensing opportunities. Calnetix employees take pride in representing the company within the industry through presentations at key industry conferences worldwide, and through publication in reputable journals and conference proceedings.

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