BMT Co., Ltd.

BMT Co., Ltd.

HQ: 35, Sanmakgongdannam11-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 50568, South Korea

AboutBMT Co., Ltd.

Distinguished stakeholders,

this year is a meaningful year for the 30th anniversary of VIMTI.

Although there were many difficulties and anguishes, my and non-MTI employees have overcome with hope and confidence. In the era of the forthcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution, transformation and destruction will take place in a different form and at a very rapid pace from the past 30 years. In front of the wave of transformation, the foundation value of Non-MTI Co., Ltd. as "Living Company", "Growing Company", "Evolving Company" and "Trusted Company" continued to be a major wave of the fourth industrial revolution, Will become an opportunity to become a top-tier company.

In 2018, we declared "Performance Management, Behavior Management, and Responsible Management" as action guidelines. We will continue to practice positive and intense challenges to become a top-tier company in manufacturing. The transparency and ethical awareness will be adhered to as the basic basis, and the internal system will be improved and improved constantly with a strong will to improve competitiveness. We will develop and nurture employees and partners to achieve a sustainable growth and a smart organization ahead of change.

We will identify our potential capabilities and utilize and develop to contribute to our customers and communities. We will solidify our position as a member of corporate citizens who are trusted and welcomed by all stakeholders, including internal and external customers, partners, investors, and local communities. The pursuit of financial value through the practice of social values, and the direction that BMTI Co., Ltd. ultimately pursues. As a manufacturing-based company, we will continue to ponder and practice our social responsibilities and roles in return for our achievements. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your warmest interest and encouragement to BIMETI.