Via Bedazzo, 2, 48022 Lugo RA, Italy


Blumotix designs and manufactures KNX technology devices for intelligent building management. It was born in 2003 as a Research and Development company specialized in touch technology.

Starting from 2010, on the occasion of the launch of the partnership with the Teleco SpA Group, the company began to specialize in the design of devices that operate with the KNX protocol and, in parallel with the research activity, the production division of semi-finished products for home automation of buildings and intelligent automation of caravans.

In 2014, the company began developing a complete catalog of finished products for KNX home automation until 2020 when it started the differentiation by sectoral production lines (home, hotel, retail / service businesses, industrial and civil systems).

Starting from 2019, Blumotix continues with the internal organizational review with the entry of a new General Manager, current CEO, with the task, shared with the ownership of Teleco Group SpA. “market-oriented” production research also in OEMs.

Blumotix today develops its business by integrating its logistics, engineering and production services with those of Teleco Group SpA (European multinational leader in electronics in the Open-air market), thus obtaining important efficiencies in terms of procurement costs and flexibility in management of orders (from small to large in very short times), also guaranteeing its customers a service of technical assistance and training in the use of continuous and quality devices.

Blumotix designs and manufactures at its headquarters in Italy, near Ravenna, where the management, research and development laboratories and production / assembly area are located.

In 2009 – the company became a member of the Konnex Association as a device manufacturer (License 160 – A0), in 2010 it obtained the license to use the stack and the ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality certification.

The strong propensity for innovation and personalization of devices, accompanied by Italian style and design, characterize Blumotix products, differentiating them from all the products on the market.

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