330B Route de Portes Les Valence

ZI les Bosses

26800 Etoile sur Rhone


AXXAIR has been designing, manufacturing and distributing its orbital tube working machines since 1997. Our business lies in the global tube working process: preparation, cutting, bevelling or squaring and orbital welding. With twenty years of experience under his belt, the group has become an international reference in this tube working market. Understanding our customers and their needs, anticipating and meeting their expectations are the AXXAIR goals.

AXXAIR can support its customers in both France and abroad with innovative solutions to improve tube working productivity and quality on materials as varied as stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy and even plastic. AXXAIR offers a standard range of products from its catalogue but also specific solutions from specifications for all its target markets: food-processing, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries, aeronautics, chemical and petrochemical industries, nuclear industry, etc.

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