AVAC Vakuumteknik

AVAC Vakuumteknik

Nykyrkevägen 54 Box 25 Mullsjö SE-565 21 Sweden

AboutAVAC Vakuumteknik

We’re an innovation driven company with over 30 years experience of vacuum ejectors

AVAC Vakuumteknik AB has its development and production facility of ejectors in Mullsjö, located in the southern part of Sweden. We offer competitive standard products as well as customized.

For thirty years, we’ve manufactured and market vacuum ejectors for material processing and industrial automation.

Our goal is to create innovative solutions that meets the future demand of the market. Our product development is focused around the process of air tightning material such as sheet or glas and for Pick & Place applications.

We have a wide standard program of ejectors with an air consumption between 10-720 l / min. The program also includes ejectors with integrated solenoid valves and pressure and vacuum guards.

We also make customized solutions such as specially developed vacuum cleaner ejectors.