Atlas Foundry Company, Inc

Atlas Foundry Company, Inc

601 N. Henderson Avenue Marion, IN USA

AboutAtlas Foundry Company, Inc

Atlas Foundry is a jobbing and production foundry specializing in Class 25, 30, and 35 Gray Iron Castings weighing less than 50 pounds. We utilize Disamatic Molding Machines to produce molds for our castings. Production volumes range from 100 mold releases to several thousand molds per release. Our foundry is located in Marion, Indiana about 60 miles to the northeast of Indianapolis.

Some of the major markets Atlas Foundry serves include trucking, agriculture, construction, pumps, Hydraulic parts, compressors, bearings, stadium seating, marine, and industrial equipment.

Since 1893, Atlas Foundry has been owned and operated by the Gartland family. The foundry has continued to grow by providing high quality gray iron castings, plus needed support services such as pattern development and storage services, metal testing and evaluation, prototyping, part finishing, machining, coating, heat treating, and much more.

We appreciate and value our customers and strive to provide quality Gray Iron castings, quick quote turnaround, on-time delivery, reliable customer service, and excellent support.

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