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Asia Industrial Tools

14 Robinson Road, #13-00, Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545 Republic of Singapore

AboutAsia Industrial Tools

Asia Industrial Tools is a specialist tools and dies manufacturer – with core expertise in the quality design and fabrication of industrial tools and dies, as well as prototyping services for manufacturing industries across the world.

Whether it is for contract manufacturers or specialised, custom-built applications, Asia Industrial Tools provides the necessary design and fabrication of precision engineering tools, dies, jigs, moulds, machined components, assembly parts, and prototyping services.

…more than 15 years of solid experience in industrial manufacturing, precision engineering tooling, and supply chain management.

Since our inception in 2007, we have been serving a diverse range of clients in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our products and services have been used in applications in electronics, offshore, marine, automotive, audio and visual, construction, and transportation fields.

Our goal is to design and fabricate quality tools and dies that complement and enhance your production and manufacturing operations.

Prior to establishing our business in 2007, our founders and management team have garnered more than 15 years of solid experience in industrial manufacturing, precision engineering tooling, metal stamping, and supply chain management.

So no matter which sectors of the manufacturing industry you are in, if you require specialised tools, dies or prototypes to be produced, we have the design and fabrication solution for you.

Our Infrastructure

With core capabilities contained in-house, we are able to maintain strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing and production process. In addition, we possess a suite of specialised tool and die fabrication machines that will be able to meet the most demanding client requirements. [read more]

Our Network

With our network of best-in-class alliance partners around Asia, as well as our own tools and dies fabrication facilities, we are able to tap on the specialised expertise of our alliance partners to provide you with quality products and services at cost-effective prices. [read more]

Our Clients

From contract manufacturers to specialised, custom-built requirements, we support the engineering and manufacturing needs for a diverse range of clients from Asia, Europe, and the USA.