Ars Automation

Ars Automation

Via G. Vico, 7 52100 Arezzo

AboutArs Automation

Ars has been working for over 30 years in the development and supply of solutions for flexible automation.

Located in Arezzo, Italy, it has gained experiences that range from industrial robotics, to artificial vision, to quality check X-ray systems, operating internationally in a vast number of industries: electronic, automotive, electrical appliances, cosmetic, medical, mechanic, and food industry. By being settled in a global background, our goal is to provide suitable solutions for the current times, which means flexible, reliable, efficient and technologically advanced, just like our part feeding system FlexiBowl®.

Our solutions are designed according to the customers’ needs, aiming at guaranteeing efficiency, reliability and durability in time. Ars cooperates actively with universities and research centers on the entire national territory and is participating in various research projects in the flexible auto

  • 2,000+ Installed Flexibowls
  • 40 Served Countries
  • 35 Years in Robotics
  • 500 Vision Systems
  • 2,000+ Installed robots



- Italian branch of industrial robots multinational


- First experiences in the field of vision systems and flexible feeding


- Ars is born as a robot distributor


- The FlexiBowl® idea is born


- FlexiBowl® patent- Introduction of the entire FlexiBowl® range


- Introduction of X-rays solutions


- Introduction of the FlexiBowl® new generation- New headquarters