Arico Technology Co., Ltd.

Arico Technology Co., Ltd.

8F., No.1, Alley 1, Lane 235, Baoqiao Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23145, Taiwan

AboutArico Technology Co., Ltd.

The Brand

A harmonious cooperation, a devoted business spirit, an innovative edge, a worldwide brand.

The trademark of ARICO Technology Co.Ltd., consists of a white human icon , three squares and alphabets ARICO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.:

  • The white human icon symbolizes ARICO's humanity-based developments and its emphasis on and concern for humanity, which confers a positive meaning of soaring upward.
  • The blue squares denote to the close combination of the customers, suppliers and ARICO, who thrive and prosper together in their pursuit for excellence and perfection.
  • ARICO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is the abbreviation of A Right Controller Supplier, representing the company's determination and conviction to become "an excellent industrial control products provider".
  • The business spirit of ARICO is founded on professionalism, steadiness and customers' trust. The company has spared no efforts in innovating its products to meet international standards and becoming a worldwide brand.

Founded in 1987, ARICO Technology Co.Ltd., has since committed itself in the development of industrial products and technologies to become a customer-satisfying solutions provider.

Besides researching and developing full range of sophisticated temperature control units, PC based human-machine interfaces and customized control equipment, ARICO introduces excellent products needed by related industries to expand the supply scope, bettering the company's ability to meet the customers' expectation and demand of product upgrades.

Our Responsibilities:

  • High efficiency of organization operation and production management.
  • A comprehensive marketing and service network.
  • Maintenance of products competitiveness.
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