Polígono Telleriondo, C/ Olabide, 13


Incorporated in 1988, Arflu designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial valves such as ball, gate, globe, check, plug and also special products like Dual Expanding Plug, Rising Stem Ball, and Desalination Plug & Control Valves.

Our company is structured into five different divisions, Petrochemical, Gas, Water, Energy & Marine. The aim of Arflu in the development of our products is customer and market satisfaction through tailor design, high quality products and careful service. We take special care in pre and post sales customer service.

As valve manufacturer, due to our experience and our wide range of production, and having our own Engineering Company, we can offer both standard production and special products according to the needs of each client. Arflu is part of FLUiDGROUP, a consultancy company that aims to help consolidate their companies offering assistance in Management, Engineering, Quality System or Marketing.

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