APDS Limited

APDS Limited

302 Dean Road Avonmouth Bristol BS11 8AT United Kingdom

AboutAPDS Limited


We think of ourselves as people who can save you money offering engineering solutions

There are many Electrical Wholesalers and distributors in the drives and electric motors market. All provide limited technical support on a wide portfolio of products, however few are experts in the drives and electric motors market and should you find yourself with problems they may not be able to offer solutions.

Invite APDS Limited to be there at the start of your project. We will look at the most effective product for your applications and in particular the ones that will save clients the most money. We supply technologically advanced drives and electric motors to panel builders as well as being able to install and/or commission drives.

We offer a full installation and commissioning service for all our drive and motor products ensuring your installation meets the correct standards and is optimised for your application.

Drives Commissioned by APDS enjoy free DRIVECARE for one year. A Maintenance Contract with APDS will ensure that the drives are working at their most efficient performance. We can train your Electrical Team to get the most out of your investment.

When electronic equipment has finished it’s useful life, APDS can dispose of the material, meeting the WEEE Regulations and provide a Certificate of Safe Disposal. Metals are extracted and recycled meaning less harm for the Environment

Guaranteed Peace of Mind – all our engineers are experts in their field and available 24/7.

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