Anox Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Anox Pacific Pte. Ltd.

151 Chin Swee Road, #07-12 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876.

AboutAnox Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Anox was established since 2008 and specialize in on-site gas generation and measuring instruments for compressed air and gases. Everything we do is about giving our customer control to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. We believe in thinking differently to ensure our customer have the lowest cost of ownership.

We always focused on providing a cutting edge solution for various of industries from concept to engineering design, system integration, installation, commissioning and after sales technical support in order to offer complete solution to meet customer manufacturing demand.

Our decades-long extensive knowledge and field experience to assist our customers to reduce their compressed air and gases costs, thus improve the energy efficiency of the process. ANOX is present today across S.E.A countries, rendering a solid growth as result of a strategy oriented for creating value to our customer, based on superior technology, quality and reliability of our products, as well as continuous innovation.

Our core business cover the following areas:

Gas Generation

  • Nitrogen Generator

  • Oxygen Generator

  • Cylinders Gas Filling Station

  • High pressure air compressor

  • Air & Gas booster


  • Flow Meter

  • Dew Point Meter

  • Power meter

  • Air Quality Analyser

  • Oxygen Analyser

Measuring Services

  • Flow Measurement

  • Dew Point Measurement

  • Power Measurement

  • Leak Management