Anker Andersens Vej 1, DK-7160 Torring, Denmark


Alvibra is designing and manufacturing high quality vibratory screeners and conveyors, meeting the highest requirements within hygienic designs, performance and durability. It is stainless steel execution for primarily the food and feed industry. Alvibra offers both standard and custom solutions for handling all kinds of products from milk powders, cereals, vegetables, coffee/tea, animal feed – to candy, dried fruit, ingredients and much more.

Alvibra is owned by a privately held investment company (GIAS A/S) and run by the managing director. Alvibra has more than 30 years of experience within vibratory technology. Alvibra holds several patents and has extensive experience within sifters and conveyors for especially the food industry. Alvibra designs, manufactures and delivers the Alvibra products for integration in new or existing food and feed plants worldwide.

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