Alt Hiss AB

Alt Hiss AB

Ilabäcksvägen 6, 342 32 Alvesta, Sweden

AboutAlt Hiss AB

ALT Hiss has been well established for many years as a complete nationwide supplier of lifts and escalators for all lifts and loads.

ALT Hiss is a completely independent and owner-occupied elevator company. Our wide product range makes us unique as the only nationwide elevator company with its own design and manufacturing. Flexibility and special solutions are our keywords in both new construction and rebuilding. With proper preventive maintenance, short repair times and your own independent purchasing channels, we minimize maintenance costs for you as a customer.

Quality and environment are important to us. We are therefore both quality and environment certified, which has resulted in sustainable and energy-saving products with low environmental impact.

Our goal is that ALT Lift should be the natural choice to help you find the right solutions and products for your needs. We can do this with the help of hundreds of highly educated and professional workers. Welcome to ALT Hiss!

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