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With a commitment to providing innovative products since 1918, Alemite has achieved an international reputation as a leader in high performance, high quality lubrication and fluid handling systems. Alemite products are used in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, automotive, pulp and paper, aircraft maintenance, marine and mining industries, providing maximum efficiency, productivity and reliability. 

Alemite has an extensive global sales network of distributors, supported by a strong company sales team. Our knowledgeable, experienced sales, technical and customer service staff are experts in assisting customers with selecting the products and systems best suited for their needs. Many of whom have extensive field experience.

The company continues to expand and improve its product line by designing and manufacturing products to serve new markets and applications. Alemite’s stage gate product development process allows our development and manufacturing engineers to design products based on “voice of the customer” input. Supporting that we meet the needs of our customers. Alemite also provides custom-engineered solutions for specific applications as requested.

The Alemite quality process engages all employees in driving the goals of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. This process is ISO/TS 16949:2016 certified. Alemite products meet stringent laboratory and field testing for performance and long life.

SKF's acquisition of Lincoln Holdings Enterprises (Lincoln, Alemite and Reelcraft), leading suppliers of lubrication systems, tools and hose reels, was completed in late 2010.

Alemite Factory in Johnson City, TN

In 1975, a plant in Johnson City, Tenn., was purchased with the goal of centralizing the engineering and manufacturing process. During the next several years, the Johnson City plant would become the central location for research and design along with manufacturing and distribution. The products manufactured at this facility showed Alemite’s commitment to excellence.

Today, the main manufacturing process is still managed in Johnson City, Tennessee. Engineering and service is facilitated from St. Louis' factory and main office.

SKF shall only market product, services and solutions that will provide customer satisfaction by:

  • Operating capable, reliable and efficient business processes.
  • Applying continuous improvement throughout the organization, with the objective of zero defects.