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Adelphi Technology Inc

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2.45 MeV Neutron Sources

Our 2.45 MeV neutron generators are ideal for use in university or government labs for research or teaching. These generators have been used for imaging, activation experiments and materials analysis. They are easy to service and operate and are particularly long lived and safe to operate compared to other neutron sources.

Award Winning High Flux “Hybrid” Thermal Neutron Sources

Adelphi combines the fast neutron emitters with moderators to produce high fluxes of thermal neutrons that rival those produce by small research reactors. These systems make excellent sources for neutron activation analysis, isotope production, and radiography. The DD110.5MB is a unique in that it uses four beams directed at a central hybrid target to produce the high thermal neutron flux available for a moderated DD fusion neutron source.

14.1 MeV Neutron Sources

Unlike competing DT generators, Adelphi’s uses a highly efficient microwave ion source that results in the highest yield DT source on the market. The DT108API an Associated Particle Imaging (API) neutron source used for large volume imaging and materials identification such as materials in shipping containers.