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ACS Valves

611 Argyle St North, Caledonia, Ontario, N3W 1M1, Canada

AboutACS Valves

Why ACS?

There are vendors.And there's ACS.

At ACS Valves, we have organized our company around partnering with our customers.

We research your industry. We know your materials handling system. We take time to understand your challenges and your needs. And then we do something about it.

System knowledge

When we say we understand your business, we mean it.

Early in our company history, we manufactured entire pneumatic conveying systems. And although we decided to focus our attention on valves, we still design our products with the big picture in mind.

We know what goes on above and below our valves, ensuring improved line performance and efficiency, along with the ability to troubleshoot issues beyond the valve.

Industry knowledge

Processing abrasive aggregate is not the same as processing fine powders. And we would never recommend the same valve to do both jobs.

Every industry has its own manufacturing priorities, challenges and regulations. We continue to design new valves and new add-on features to accommodate these specific manufacturing environments and industry regulations.

Lifecycle commitment

As a company that designs and builds all of our valves in-house, we can't help but stand behind our products.

We provide consistent support and troubleshooting with our valves — even if it requires us to come onsite.

Designed and built in North America

We've kept all of our business operations — engineering and manufacturing — in southern Ontario, where we can control supply.

Cast locally using 65% US steel, our durable valves have longer maintenance cycles, less seal leakage and greater precision tolerances.

Local manufacturing also means we're not waiting for pieces to arrive from overseas. Not only are we reducing our carbon footprint, we're also shipping orders much faster.

Standardized safety

Safety is not an opt-in feature. It's a must have.

No matter what valve you order from us, it will come with safety covers, an 8-vane rotor and outboard bearings. That means all of our valves are compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

We don't charge you extra. It is simply part of the valve design.

Family owned

ACS Valves is owned and operated by two generations of the Thompson family. Tom Thompson is the founder and CEO and his son and daughter Greg and Megan are co-COO & Presidents.

What they do isn't just a day job. They have a personal stake in helping their customers succeed. So you can count on reliable service and high-performance products from ACS Valves. Every time.