ACL Cables PLC

ACL Cables PLC

60 Rodney St, Colombo 00800, Sri Lanka

AboutACL Cables PLC

ACL Cables PLC is the largest manufacturer of cables in Sri Lanka having pioneered the industry in 1962. ACL holds 45% share of the local market and produce the widest range of cables in Sri Lanka. Today, ACL has grown to be a Group of companies holding 70% share of the cable market in Sri Lanka.

ACL is the most sought – after brand of cables in Sri Lanka, having supplied 80% of the requirements of Duty Free projects owned by overseas investors and approved by the Board of Investment, beating foreign supplies of cables. All leading factories, hotels, commercial buildings and warehouses have used ACL Cables.

ACL continues to innovate and lead the field in the introduction of new products modern technology and machinery. In the five decades of it’s existence, the Company has evolved as a specialized manufacturer and supplier of the widest range of quality cables and conductors in the country, while possessing the most advanced technology in the Asian region for the manufacture of low voltage Cross Linked Polyethylene cables (XLPE).


To be the preferred brand of electric cables in the region, whilst strengthening the dominant position in Sri Lanka.


To expand our range of products and services in the fields of electrification.

To be the most competitive in chosen global markets and to achieve continuous growth.

To create an environment that will inculcate a feeling of ownership in our people and their families.

To create a Company that will be in the forefront of technology and win the admiration of our customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community.

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