ACG Nystrom AB

ACG Nystrom AB

 Box 929,501 10 Borås, Sweden




AboutACG Nystrom AB

ACG Nyström AB is a full service supplier of CAD/CAM for Embroidery & Textile Print, Pattern Design & Cutting, Sewing & Welding and PLM systems. Our expertise streamlines and ensures quality in the development of your textile production.

Our service and products extend to all sizes of companies, from individual traders to multi-national corporations. We commit to help our customers implement the most efficient and profitable overall solution in product development, confectioning and labelling. We execute installations, implementation and training when it comes to machines and complex automation solutions and software.

We have an off the shelf, readily available stock and accessory store on site, allowing prompt response to our customers’ needs. We provide a knowledgeable after care support for all our solutions and products and have a nationwide, experienced team of experts for servicing of sewing machines, embroidery machines, cutting machines, awning machines and welding machines as well as steam- and pressing equipment.

We provide products, support, service and training to customers from a vast range of industries, such as furniture and automotive industry, technical textile, embroidery, tailoring, shops, schools, printing houses, laundries and others.