2VV s.r.o.

2VV s.r.o.

Fáblovka 568, 533 52 Pardubice II, Czech Republic

About2VV s.r.o.

2VV is a leading manufacturer of air curtains, ventilation units and a wide range of ventilation products. The company was founded in 1995 and its manufacturing program is gradually growing, together with its financial resources. The company now belongs to the family of European manufacturers thanks to quality products and reliable services. To be able to fulfil the highest requirements of customers throughout Europe, a team of highly skilled professionals are employed who utilize perfect technical facilities and the most modern production technology.

In order to present its range of products and innovations, the company participates in the most important European exhibitions that are organized in the relevant field. The company is able to follow the latest trends and adapt them to its products and services, based on the information it collects from across Europe. The company's customers from, for example, the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, France or Germany can rely on the fact that they will always get the best products that meet the most stringent European standards and follow the latest trends and all at an affordable price.

The company offers its customers a unique approach and comprehensive services based on individuality and partner discussions. Being a partner requires the formation of a long-term relationship and trust and that is, in addition to high quality and innovative approaches, one of the important objectives of the company. The company could never reach such objectives without stable and valued customers.