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Emerson Received Contract to Modernize Georgia Power Plant

Emerson Received Contract to Modernize Georgia Power Plant



Emerson Received Contract to Modernize Georgia Power Plant





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The Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power) has selected Emerson, a global software, technology and engineering leader, to modernize and optimize operations at its Wansley Unit 9 combined cycle power plant.


MEAG Power’s investment is critical for the continued reliable delivery of competitive wholesale electricity to member communities across the state of Georgia. Emerson’s Ovation™ software and technologies will help to digitally transform the Georgia plant through more flexible operations, improved process efficiency and enhanced cybersecurity.

The 500-megawatt Wansley natural gas-fueled power station is an essential part of MEAG Power’s diverse generation portfolio – delivering 69% emissions-free power – but obsolete generation controls have impacted the plant’s availability and financial performance. Dependable, flexible operations are critical to meeting fast-changing market demands and the region’s growing power needs. To support the reliability and diversity of MEAG Power’s generation portfolio as it transitions to an even cleaner portfolio, Emerson will upgrade the Wansley Unit 9 control system to a modern, integrated Ovation solution.

As part of the contract, Emerson will replace the legacy balance-of-plant, steam turbine controls, gas turbine controls, as well as the generator excitation and burner management and vibration monitoring systems at Wansley Unit 9 with a unified Ovation automation platform. Incorporating Emerson’s condition monitoring solution into the control system will translate into greater visibility of asset health. An advanced power application will use predictive model-based control software to optimize operational flexibility and process efficiency by managing steam temperature during load changes created by renewable energy variability.