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LS-5 V2 Multiple Circuit Breaker Control & Protection

LS-5 V2 Multiple Circuit Breaker Control & Protection

Woodward’s LS-5 Series are synchronizer controllers with integrated mains decoupling and protection features. The applications range from independent synch check relay to complex power management relay with multiple utility feeds, bus tie breakers and group breakers in combination with Woodward’s easYgen-3400XT/3500XT equipped genset controllers.

Benefits Include

  • Compact solution for complex power management applications

  • Plug-n-play with easYgen-3000XT family genset controls. Facilitates OEMs to apply genset control at factory and LS-5 at point-of-application

  • Minimize the wiring effort and cost as no hard wiring between the controls, a single CAN bus handles the entire communication

  • Purpose built application modes to shorten the commissioning time

  • Mains decoupling and grid code compliance

  • Enable your genset to speak your local language at the touch of a button with 11 built-in languages

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