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viscosity systems

viscosity systems


UVS®, UFIT Viscosity Systems for automated determination of liquid viscosity of polymers and kinematic viscosity of petroleum productsdue to ASTM D 665 in capillary viscometer.The flow time is optically measured with an exactness in milliseconds. We also measure the exact flow time per thermostats in case of opaque applications, like used motor oil.You can find in our UVS® systems solvent and acid resistant pumps and valves, to ensure to measure any kind of application.The modular concept of our UVS® systems allows customer specific configurations, like baths with different temperature, sampling und multi channel measuring.Dee measuring process like pre temperature, measuring, suction, rinsing and drying, plus the analysis and archiving of the measured data happens automated by our software VisKey,which runs on a Windows PC with USB-interface. The software supports up to 8 independent channels at same time !!!

UVS basic system

This viscosity system does not need much space and measures automated and highly reproducible the kinematic viscosity of  products on the basis of mineral oile.g..  DIN51526-ff, ASTMD445 und ISO/DIS3105The modular concept of our UVS-systems makes the UVS Basic convert to a fully automated system for polymer applications by expanding it with an additional measure device and the vacuum pump UVS Drain.


For fully automated solutions we can offer our sample changer SC8. Per metering piston the application is taken from a usual lab bottle or from a centrifuged bottle. The rinsing of the piston, tubes and viscometer happens with up to 2 solvents and / or with "next sample"The standard sample changer SC8 contains space for 8 samples. In case there is a need of an higher throughput, there is the possibility to add up to 4 sample changer SC8 at one viscometer system, to increase the amount to 32 samples. The incredible advantage:You can measure 4 samples at same time independentially

UVS NoLimits

The UVS NoLimits is an extension to the UVS Basic. With this additional module it is possible to clean with 2 solvents. All parts of the system which could come in contact with the sample are cleaned completely. With this feature there is no carryover from the sample before. Beside this great feature the UVS NoLimits supports the filling and draining of the capillary with pressure to save enormously time, especially for samples with high viscosity. UVS NoLimits can be combined with our sample changer SC8 to realize a full automated system.


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