Trackless Vehicles Limited

Trackless Vehicles Limited

Courtland, ON N0J1E0 Canada


  • Throat opening 72" (1828mm) x 35" (889mm)
  • Mulching rotor Full width with 44 knives
  • Beater bar feed roller 18 pairs of spring base type tines
  • Intermediate feed roller 32 tines, eccentric rotation
  • Cross auger 14 inch diameter
  • Blower fan 32" (813mm) x 7" (178mm) with 6 replaceable paddles and knives
  • Drive protection Torque limiting clutch on PTO shaft, over running clutch in gearbox
  • Drive PTO driven rotor and blower fan, hydraulic driven beater bar feed roller, intermediate feed roller, and cross auger

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