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Softstart UK

Unit 14 Brinell Way Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR31 0L

Inverter and Soft Start Hire Units

Inverter and Soft Start Hire Units

We are pleased to offer an extensive hire fleet of both inverters and soft starters for hire, enclosed offering protection to IP54 and mobile on wheels so they can be easily moved into place (also with lifting eyes) for heavier enclosures.

Simply pick your hire period from our table below and we will deliver or arrange delivery and collection to and from site.

The units have mains isolator and main contactor customer terminals for power and remote control, together with door mounted hand / auto selection, local / remote pushbutton control andforward / reverse switches.

Inverter keypads are also door mounted for ease of set up and parameter display.

We expect the units to be very useful to both customers with breakdown situation whereby they need a unit for a short period to keep production running whilst they seek out an alternative solution, repair or replacement and also to people looking at energy saving applications who wantto test the potential savings before committing to the purchase of a unit.

Units currently available at stock and daily hire charges include;

Part number


Hire Rate (7 days)













Units will be available in ratings up to 160kW enquire for details.

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