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The ABBRIATA® M100 SUPER and M100 MAGNUM round balers are fitted with a fixed compression chamber with 27 cross-bars, producing cylindrical bales with diameter of 100 cm and width of 100 cm.

The binding and compression system using chains and cross-bars permit baling all types of green and dry crops in cylindrical bales with soft centres, resulting in better conservation of the material due to ventilation from the chimney effect in the bale as well as the formation of a more compressed superficial layer providing better protection for the bale from atmospheric agents.

The binding and compression system is composed of 27 steel cross-bars that rotate through a chain system in a completely closed fixed chamber. This system is one of the most common and in respect to belt and/or roller systems it has many advantages.

Some of these are: reduced waste, reduced maintenance, less power absorption, especially suitable for baling green crops.

An alternative high production capacity packer “delicately” introduces the crops into the machine, preserving their maximum nutritional qualities. The door’s mechanical closure and an easy, wide ranging possibility to adjust compression permits obtaining the desired density, which if requested can be quite high and superior to that of other machines of the same category.

The compact size (total machine width of only 180 cm), moderate weight, limited drive power and production of smaller size bales (Ø 100x100 cm) that are easier to move and store render the use of this machine especially suitable in mountainous areas and in smaller spaces in general.

The machine can also be used for baling vine cuttings if fitted with the special “vine cutting kit”.

Automatic mono-twine, double-twine and net binders are also available.

The machines can be supplied in the MAGNUM version fitted with an extra-wide pick-up device with side mounted feed augers.

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