On Site slow speed balancing

A special field for hard bearing balancing machines is the power generation industry. Here different types and sizes of rotors, like large turbines and generators, have to be repaired at the site, i.e. power station. In order to supplement the need of its own balancing machine, SCHENCK pioneered design of Transportable Balancing Machine.

SCHENCK RoTec India Limited has built model H100-T transportable balancing can be pressed into service at sites whenever there is a demand. This can take all Steam Turbine, Generator and Gas/ Hydro Turbine rotors up to 100 tonnes weight, and will be the largest mobile balancing machine capable of balancing all rotors in India. The transportable machine is expected to be ready by June 2012 and can resolve rotor dynamic balancing problems of Industrial and Power Turbines (including large 660MW supercritical turbines LP rotors weighing up to 97 tonnes), Gas & Hydro turbines and Generators.

RANGE OF OTHER SERVICES provided by SCHENCK RoTec India Limited (SRIL):

  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).
  • Production Support.
  • Spare Parts Support.
  • Repair & Maintenance Calls.
  • Calibration Certification Services.
  • Job Balancing Services.

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