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GF868 Flare Gas Flowmeter

GF868 Flare Gas Flowmeter

The DigitalFlow GF868 flare gas flow meter is ideal for flare gas applications due to its ability to track down leakage with positive material identification, reduce the cost of steam usage with proportional control and conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary flaring. The GF868 flow meter also complies with government regulations for pollution control and improves plant material balance. The GF868 meter is also ideal for the measurement of vent gas.

  • Advantages of the DigitalFlow GF868

  • No routine maintenance as there are no moving parts

  • High accuracy (due to the patented Correlation Transit Time technique, Digital signal processing and an accurate method of calculating molecular weight)

  • Fast response

  • Ultrasonic flow measurement does not interfere with the flows.

  • Designed for flare gas environments

  • Designed to deal with difficult problems such as bi directional flow, unsteady flow, varying compositions, wide flow range, pulsating pressure and harsh environments.

  • Wide velocity range: 0.1 to 275 ft/s (0.03 to 85 m/s) in both directions

  • Wide pipe range: 3 in to 120 in (76 mm to 3 m) in diameter

  • Transducers can be installed up to 1000 ft (300m) from the meter.

  • Dual channel version available

The DigitalFlow GF868 flare gas meter uses a patented method for calculating the average molecular weight of hydrocarbon mixtures. This proprietary algorithm extends the range for measuring the average molecular weight, while improving accuracy and compensating for non hydrocarbon gases better than ever before possible.

Ultrasonic flow measurement is the ideal technology when it comes to flare gas applications as it is fully dependent on gas properties and will not interfere with the flow of the gas. The all-metal transducers are installed into the pipes and each act as signal generators and receivers for the ultrasonic signals. These pulses are sent both upstream and downstream through the gas and the difference between these transit times each way is calculated. The onboard flow computer is then able to calculate velocity, volumetric and mass flow rate using the advanced signal processing and correlation detection. Temperature and pressure inputs enable the meter to calculate the standard volumetric flow. Maximum accuracy can be obtained by using the dual channel version to measure the two paths at the same point. The dual channel option can also be used on two points on the same pipe or on two different pipes.

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