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Coaxial Assemblies

Coaxial Assemblies

Coaxial Assemblies


Rojone has been manufacturing and selling high quality RF & microwave coaxial cable assemblies since 1981. We offer a comprehensive range of locally manufactured assemblies with an excellent range of high performance, low loss, extreme & military application products from Times Microwave USA and Radiall France.

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Rojone Assemblies

Rojone Cable Assembly catalogue (1.5 MB)

Our Production is equipped with the latest test instruments, Vector Network & Spectrum Analysers (HP8720D, HP8753B, 8495E), a Thermoline Thermal Chamber for temperature cycling cables, auxiliary items such as precision Schleuniger 207 and their latest CS5400 cable stripping machines, inspection microscopes, pin depth gauges and automated test software.

Times Microwave

TMS are the experts in their field with high performance RF & Microwave assemblies for the harshest of military, civil & test applications.

  • SilverLine – Low Cost Flexible high performance Test Cables.
  • Miltech – Extreme Environments hermetically sealed, low loss, low VSWR, phase stable and light weight options for airborne applications.
  • Zero-DB – Zero Loss, integrated LNA for critical aircraft applications.
  • SiO2 – Silicon Dioxide Extreme Environment military assemblies.
  • Military Tactical Field Deployable Antenna Feeder cables – Designed to withstand the riggors of repeated reeling for harsh Environments.
  • Heli-Foil – Low Loss High Performance Microwave Coaxial assemblies.


Radiall offers a specialized range of RF & Microwave coaxial & multipin cable assemblies:

  • Corrugate
  • Flexible RG, KX, ECO, ECOX, LMR
  • Flexible Ultra-Low Loss SHF
  • Hand-Formable
  • Semi-Rigid
  • Space Qualified
  • TestPro Bench Test

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