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xemex Stop Wasting Adhesive

xemex Stop Wasting Adhesive
  • Reduce material waste by up to 75%
  • Improved adhesive mixing compared to traditional static mixers
  • Just 50mm in length—bringing your operators closer to their work
  • Available for immediate shipment
  • Made in the USA

Robot27 now offers Xemex mixing nozzles for 2k materials. Re Mixers’ revolutionary Xemex nozzle folds material thousands of times through 7 elements in just 50mm (2in). Traditional square or helical mixers require 32 or more elements over a much greater length to provide the same mixing. Xemex’s compact and rigid design eliminates automation accuracy problems resulting from bent or misaligned traditional mixing nozzles.

Xemex’s shorter nozzle holds just 0.6 mL of adhesive compared to 1.5-2mL for other mixers. Utilizing Xemex’s shorter nozzle reduces material waste during purge or nozzle change by up to 75%. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Xemex nozzles are available for immediate shipment.

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