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LED Lighting Tower

LED Lighting Tower

PowerLink LED lighting tower are widely used in outdoor activities, road construction, construction sites, industrial, mining, film and television shooting, leasing, emergency rescue and so on. Spacious maintenance door for daily maintenance operation. The MS2000 is one of our hot selling LED lighting tower, designed to meet all of the above application fields. It is capable of reaching up to 202600 lm and 213125 cd when all four LED lights are on, each with a power of 500W, providing light power to at least 50 metres away. No matter on the angle, height, or how much light you want to the surroundings, it is all adjustable with a simple flick of a switch. A selection of Perkins or Kubota engine can be used. The noise level can be as low as 53dB(A), with no noise pollution to the environment. As of it being rental, the maximum towing speed can reach up to 80km/h and operate up to 120 hours on full load.

The LED lighting tower is an economical lighting device which easy operate, compact, high performance, and affordable. This series of light tower use a number of advanced and innovative technologies:

1. The control panel is simple with the common configuration: timer, emergency stop button, general alarm light, start switch, light pole control switch and lighting control switch. The power output adopts standard quick insertion output mode, and operation is simple and convenient;

2. Four large-capacity batteries, the lighting system can be powered without the generator set if power sufficiently.

3. The generator set is equipped with DC ball which can directly charge for battery.

4. More humanized maintenance design, all maintenance points are unimpeded ;

 5. LED lighting system, energy conservation, environmental protection;

6. High-standard mold forming process for all tanks;

7. Internal wiring harness adopts fast plug-in connection mode;

8. Light tower adopts mobile trailer design. Short distance transportation can be directly operated by using tractor-assisted, convenient, fast and efficient;

 9. Using anti-rust material, and with high-temperature baking paint process surface, effectively reduce noise up to 15db or more;

10. Using hydraulic power to drive lamp post , and making the unit easy to operate.

  11. Four supporting legs install light tower, which can make the installation and dismantling process easily.

  • AC/DC available
  • Optional extra configuration, e.g. sockets for immediate power
  • Large fuel tank
  • Fuel efficiency
  • 15 more other models available for different application fields

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