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MXxxS Series Solvent Oval Gear Meters

MXxxS Series Solvent Oval Gear Meters


The new generation of Macnaught Flow Meters, the MX series, incorporates Oval Gear technology and is specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the typical industrial environment, without compromising overall performance. The new MX Series includes a new M-LOCK mounting system, designed for the quick and easy fitting of a pulse or local display module to the flow meter. The unique bayonet style cam only requires a quarter turn to lock the relevant module into place, and it is immediately ready for service. There are 6 output options and these will fit any of the MX Series flow meters.

Oval Gear flow meters are ideally suited to applications requiring accurate dispense quantities. Measurement of very low flow rates, pulsating flow, small batch sizes, viscous products, and non-conductive liquids are all ideal uses for oval gear meters. Also, because these meters don’t require flow conditioning, no straight piping runs are required. So, they can be used in installations where space is limited without affecting performance.


  • Service and fuelling trucks

  • Fuel depots

  • Portable fuelling systems

  • Bio-diesel blending and production

  • Lubricant blending and dispensing

  • Hydraulic fluid dispensing and test stands

  • Boiler and generator fuel consumption

  • Fuel consumption forming, construction, and military vehicles

  • Bitumen/Asphalt production

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