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P-100 BGA Flipper Pick And Place Machine

P-100 BGA Flipper Pick And Place Machine


• High Speed, High Accuracy and Reliable Pick & Place System.

• Stack Tray & Conveyor Loading , Conveyor Unloading.

• Easily Integrate to any type of Vision Inspection System.

• Boat / Tray Cleaning module option.

• Easy Maintenance & Long Term Stability.

• Networking mapping capabilities.

Products Description

P-100 Pick & Place system is a high speed system that provides high accuracy & optimum handling performance. This handler offers a scalable pick head configuration ( Single or Multi Head ) to cater for the industries demanding UPH requirement. Package conversion are done with ease via our user friendly conversion kits & programmable package recipe. Apart from these features, this handler allows configurable type of loading & unloading ( Boat, Tray , Pallet, Magazine, & many more ).

This handler can be tailored towards most type of trays & packages. P-100 allows easy integration with any market standard Vision system, Smart Camera or PC based Vision system depending on products needs & requirements. Optional integrated camera can be used for pattern identification, 2D or Barcode Reading and comes with integrated networking mapping capabilities.

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