Company : Novasina AG

Category : Test and Measurement


PascalMaxx - differential pressure measurement system for the HVAC industry

Differential pressure measurement sensor with 2 working ranges of 500Pa and 2000Pa for HVAC applications such as filter saturation monitoring, fan belt monitoring and control, air speed monitoring and control etc..

A big plus of this instrument is the integrated automatic zero-point calibration system, which makes the PascalMaxx very long-term stable and accurate. The transmitter can be calibrated at 2 points and provides an analogue output as well as a relay contact with alarm functions. All parameters for calibration, alarm setting, password protection, output range setting etc. are done via the front keypad.

A factory calibration certificate is available as option.

The PascalMaxx can also be connected to the Novasina data logging system HygroGuard 30 and integrated in a monitoring network and combined with Novasina hygrostats StatMaxx.

Instrument accuracy and stability: +/- 0.5% of the full scale; stability < 2 Pa drift per year.

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