Company : Novasina AG

Category : Test and Measurement


HygroMaxx - relative humidity/temperature measurement system for the HVAC industry

Relative humidity and temperature transmitter for standard HVAC applications. The HygroMaxx excels with high performance and low price and versatility. The 3 models available are for room, duct and remote mounting.

The combined RH/T sensor is very robust and stable. The transmitter can be calibrated at 3 humidity and 1 temperature point. The intuitive menu operation makes the handling easy and efficient. All functions such as calibration, output signal scaling and selection, password protection etc. can be operated by the front keypad.

Another advantage is the robust housing and the big display for a clear reading. The HygroMaxx provides a scalable analogue output voltage or current. A factory calibration certificate is available as option. The HygroMaxx can also be connected to the Novasina data logging system HygroGuard 30 and integrated in a monitoring network and combined with Novasina hygrostats StatMaxx.

Instrument accuracy: rs +/- 1.5% rH, +/- 0.3K

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