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NIVUS WebPortal New Data Portal by Measurement Experts

NIVUS WebPortal  New Data Portal by Measurement Experts

The NIVUS Web Portal provides a quick overview on widely distributed measurement places and IoT applications.

By developing the Web Portal NIVUS GmbH set new standards regarding processing and indication of measurement and process data in a data portal.

A specialist for the water and wastewater industry, the manufacturer has put a special focus here on security requirements regarding official recording, alerting functions and data security.

The Web Portal, for example, automatically generates the required records of plant parts such as stormwater overflow tanks as well as pump stations and saves the records in conformity with standards. Moreover, the portal allows users to create individual protocols from various components and to save them automatically and specifically adapted to the system.

The geographic representation of individual as well as interconnected measurement stations and plant parts provides a quick, specific overview on relevant data. Besides reporting and alerting functions the representation of different system parameters such as the battery status of individual measurement places makes it easier to plan service and maintenance measures. Users or service partners obtain a quick overview and a comprehensive report on the entire plant at the touch of a button.

The NIVUS Web Portal is based on web technology without the need for plug-ins. Hence, by using laptop or smartphone operators can access all system parameters and respond to certain situations individually even from anywhere.

Besides varying access levels and approvals for operators, service personnel and external companies secure protocols for transmission and storage of data guarantee a high level of protection according to KRITIS standards regarding the handling of sensitive customer data.

Apart from the Web Portal and measurement systems NIVUS GmbH also provide various systems for transmission and representation of data. For example, by combining measurement systems and automation through remote data transmission to the NICOS process control system even solutions for complex digitisation tasks are available.


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