Variable Speed Drive Retrofit - Silcovert H

Variable Speed Drives and Variable Frequency Drives are the same. They are classified based on applicability.

Our Variable Speed Drive Retrofit Silcovert H Series is a multi-level drive with IGBT power devices, and a more efficient and precise control for induction and synchronous motors.

The Variable Speed Drive Retrofit H Series drives are compatible with the unit’s existing motor systems, regardless of brand or age. With customized retrofits, you can achieve increased levels of safety, reliability and efficiency.

A subdivision of the Variable Speed Drive Large Retrofit is Silcovert TH, an ideal solution for retrofitting and upgrading or replacing the unit’s obsolescent medium voltage drives (regardless of brand).

TH comes with key safety features for personnel and equipment, including robust cabinets. The drive allows front access, allowing easy maintenance and low footprint. Additionally the drive comes in both air cooled and water cooled models, and has a user-friendly HMI for local inspection and control, simple indications in full language, auxiliary circuit management and remote monitoring for diagnostic capability.

H Series is used for powering pumps, compressors and fans, retrofitting on existing motors, and high speed applications.

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