Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors - CAplus

CAplus is Nidec ASI’s latest Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor (TEFC) developed for heavy-duty industrial applications that need to operate continuously without much energy losses.

The TEFC is a type of industrial electric motor with a nearly impermeable housing that completely prevents ambient air from entering the motor interiors. Cooling is achieved using an external fan that blows ambient air over the frame of the motor to cool it.

The TEFC electric motors manufacturer promises increased protection against harsh weather, dirt, and moisture.

Compliant with API 541 V Edition and SHELL DEP regulations, the industrial electric motor, CA+, is known for its rugged, efficient, reliable and flexible built.

With a robust design, Nidec’s Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor CA+ excels where most companies do not - striking a perfect balance between efficiency and power factor.

Depending on the number of poles required the technical specifications of the motor change. CA+ is tailor-made for applications that experience quadratic torque loads, including centrifugal pumps, compressors and fans.

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