Photovoltaic Power Plant - ES1000

The photovoltaic power plant is a Power Conversion System (PCS) specifically designed to maximize grid performance, and offers primary, secondary and tertiary frequency regulation.

Power Conversion Systems are used for converting AC current into DC, and vice versa. Typical users of this battery energy storage solution include, solar and wind farm operators, Public Utilities, independent power producers, Smart Micro-Grids, and Transmission System Operators (TSO).

The photovoltaic power plant, ES1000, offers bi-directional power conversion and can be configured for both on-grid and off-grid use. It is also encoded with sophisticated algorithms and open control platform, which the PCS integrates seamlessly with any Battery Management System (BMS) regardless of type or brand. ES1000 is an efficient solution for mid- and large-scale power management operations.

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