MORCOS Egyptian Engineering Company

MORCOS Egyptian Engineering Company

10th of Ramadan SHREgypt

Mixer-Grinder type DO 1000

Mixer-Grinder type DO 1000

The plant consists of :

-Three screw feeders type SF, each with vibrating hopper & capacity up to 1000 kg/h

-One Turbo sugar mill type CS 500  capacity 300 – 500 kg/h

-Two pre-mixers type PREMIX 500 batch capacity 500 kg each 

-Alternatively  ( depending on the type of chocolate) 

-Two Dry Conches type MLDC 500 batch capacity 500 kg each 

-One Feeding pump Type SMS 12 to feed the mass from the mixer(s) to the ball mill 

-One Ball mill DO 1000 for continuous production capacity up to 1000 kg/h 

-One collecting tank AWK 100 capacity 100 lt with level detection

-One discharge pump type SMS 6 to feed the product from the collecting tank to the process line  

-One water heater circulator system with own water pump and temperature control 

-One control panel with PLC and touch panel 

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