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Baking chambers MAUTING Roto PKM with rotation of the trolley. They serve for treatment of all types of products up to the temperature of 300°C. They are suitable mostly for processing of products placed on the grates. The rotation of the trolley guarantees faster and more uniform warming-up of products in comparison with equipment having a stable trolley and thus shortens the thermal processing time and reduces energy costs.Thermal processing (i.e. baking, reddening, warming-up and cooking) is carried out fully automatically without need of any further manipulation.

They are made in two models:

  • Hot air PKM Roto HA - heating placed on the ceiling above the trolley

  • Convection PKM Roto RH - heating placed alongside two trolley sides.


  • The high-performance air circulation system ensures uniform treatment and temperature distribution in all parts of the chamber.

  • The chamber can be heated either by electricity or gas.

  • The construction of the chamber can be welded for an easy and quick installation, In cases of limited conditions for transportation to the production plant with minimal passageways of 0,8 x 2 m, the construction can be screwed.

  • an inner circulation preheating duct providing for minimal heat losses caused by an exchange of a loaded trolley

  • a pneumatic door lock

  • Chamber humidity is controlled by the time parameter automatically.

  • The microprocessor control system provides for automatic operation of the whole technological process and washing.

  • A core temperature needle sensor is an integral part of the chamber.

  • The regulator enables product processing according to the ”Delta-T“ method, which helps to improve the product efficiency and quality and at the same time reduces energy costs.

  • Standardly chambers are fitted with M2015 regulator with a memory for 99 programs.

  • The VisuNet system enables data evidence and a remote access to the chamber control from your PC.

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